Once upon a time, there was a discreet little girl, descended from a long line of ribbon makers from Saint-Etienne, who lived with her 5 brothers and sisters in a farmhouse on the edge of a large wood of giant trees.



After years of schooling that were not always easy, she had the courage to study art.

As the apple never falls far from the tree, she began her career in textile design. A curly yarn here, a chenille yarn there, an ethnic pattern here, a flower there, and you have a pretty woven scarf to spend the winter warm and beautiful.

But, after 5 years, Marjolaine is going in circles!

On the lookout for a new adventure, she was offered a job in Mauritius.

Leaving everything behind, she flies to this island. A 6 years stay made of meetings, travels, scuba diving and ... stripes and checks fabric's design!


Back on our continent in 2011, she settles in the Bordeaux region, meets her children's father, discovers watercolours and dreams of doing kid's book illustrations.

She followed a training course in illustration, gave birth to 2 boys and launched herself with passion and determination into the creation of soft, poetic and mischievous images.

She signs her illustrations under her artist name Marjoline Fleur.