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Children are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I feed off their imaginations and my own childhood memories to create images full of sweet poetry.

Born in 1976 in Saint-Etienne, I am now living in the Bordeaux region.

After studying Arts, I worked as a Textile Designer for 12 years in the Lyon region and then in Mauritius.

Back in France since 2011, I am working as an Illustrator under my artist name Marjoline Fleur.

My illustrations are on sale in art galleries.

For any commission order, contact me by mail or by my contact form.




Painting workshop for children - Tigers in the Jungle



What you need:


1 sheet of white drawing paper A3 - 300 gr
1 sheet of white drawing paper A5 - 300gr
1 cardboard sheet (a cereal packaging will do the work)
an orange wax pastel
A pencil
Black, brown, green and yellow water paint.



How to proceed:


1- On the small sheet of white drawing paper, draw thick orange lines by pressing enougth to cover the white of the paper.





2- Cover the sheet with black water paint. The water does not adhere to the wax, only the white paper is covered with black.




3- On the cardboard sheet, draw the silhouette of a tiger with a pencil and cut it out.




4- Place the template on the back of the painting previously done (black background - orange lines), trace around it with the pencil.

5- Cut on the line.





6- On the A3 drawing sheet, paint a jungle landscape.





7- Stick the tigers on the Jungle landscape.




Have a good painting time!





Art Majeur


BOKEHLI - Carterie d'art - 16 rue Bouffard 33000 BORDEAUX - FRANCE


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From the 2nd of September 2020:

Carré d'artistes Aix-en-Provence - 20 rue de la Glacière, 13100 AIX-EN-PROVENCE - FRANC




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